Fat reduction


In the past, you might have had to undergo surgery in order to remove stubborn pockets of fat or excess skin. Surgical procedures are still a popular and viable solution to many body concerns, and cosmetic procedures are more advanced than ever before, but for the first time, improving your silhouette doesn’t necessarily mean choosing surgery. Non-surgical contouring treatments are an innovation on the rise; causing less discomfort, less recovery time and less risk.

What areas can be treated ?

Exilis can be used on any area of the face or body to reduce fat and firm skin.

How does it work ?

Exilis  is a handheld device which uses thermal stimulation to remodel the collagen cells under the skin and cause fat deposits to be absorbed.

Although the treatment works by heating tissues in the fat, Exilis cooling technology means that there is little discomfort for the patient. What’s more, the non-surgical nature of the treatment means that recovery time is kept to an absolute minimum.

How long does it take ?

A treatment session takes approximately 30-90 minutes.

What are the advantages ?

One of the biggest plus points for non-surgical body contouring for patients might be the lower level risk of side effects. Because Exilis Elite is non-invasive, the chance of any side-effects are kept to an absolute minimum.

Results ?

Results within the treatment area should begin to show within two-four weeks but increase up to three months, when the final result can be assessed. It is recommended that the patient undertakes two to four sessions of the treatment, each one 7-14 days apart, for optimum results.

The results of Exilis Elite differ from patient to patient, but as a general rule, Exilis Elite for fat loss and body contouring is sustainable if used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. The treatment will not prevent you from gaining weight if you make unhealthy choices, but the results can be very long-standing if you take the right measures. Long-term improvement could previously only be achieved through surgery; another benefit of Exilis Elite.