Semi Permanent Makeup – Men

Semi Permanent Makeup For Men

Semi Permanent Makeup For Men

The Cardiff Clinic is trained to the highest level in semi-permanent make-up and medical/paramedical micro-pigmentation.

Semi-permanent make-up for men is a life style choice; saving you time every day, making your holidays more enjoyable, and totally transforming your life.

The Clinic uses state of the art equipment and one of the best pigment ranges on the market to date; to ensure men get the safest treatment and finest results possible, this coupled with our fine eye for detail, and passion for customer satisfaction results in you receiving the best results possible.

What are your options?

Fine detailed eyebrows

From realistic to supremacy brow, we are experts in every ‘style’ of eyebrow. We pride ourselves on reconstructing the perfect eyebrows for you as an individual.

Eyeliner 24/7

Eyeliner is usually a makeup must-have. Choose from subtle lash enhancement, natural daily liner, Latino flick liner, two tone smokey liner, or specialist eyelash effect liner giving you the illusion of eyelashes where there are none.

For the love of Lips

Your lips are more powerful than you could ever imagine. A defined lip or eye-catching colour can demand the attention of a room, of an audience, of your future partner. Before you speak, let your lips do the talking.

As men age we lose the colour around our lips, resulting in them looking smaller and a little sludgy and ultimately – giving away our age – let them be defined, and look more youthful. Choose from – definite define, beautiful blush, power colour punch or 3d full lip contour.


A subtle flush of colour to your cheeks will take you back to your younger years. This is a subtle yet very effective treatment. If you are not one to wear foundation, but long for a fresh, flush of colour to your cheeks – this is the treatment for you. Look healthier, feel happier every morning, noon and night.

Specialist Areola treatments

Let a specialist take great care of all your areola needs and wishes. Whether you wish your areolas to be re-coloured, re-shaped or full 3d re-construction ‘plus’ scar reduction MCA, we have many options to suit your individual needs. The Clinic will carry out a thorough consultation with you, to gain the knowledge of your particular circumstances and inform you thoroughly and honestly about the options you have, in a comfortable, private environment.

Semi-permanent make-up – cosmetic and medical can be adapted to suit every individual’s needs. It is suitable for men and usually any one over the age of 18.

If there are any wishes you may have that are not listed, please contact The Clinic to see if it is possible, if certain treatments can be adapted to suit your wishes and it is safe, you could receive the tailored treatment of your dreams.