Tattoo Removal

Rejuvi Tattoo Removal (Non Laser)

An alternative to laser tattoo removal is the Rejuvi tattoo removal method.This type of tattoo removal uses the same technique as a tattoo artist. Pain is kept to a minimum with a numbing cream.

Rejuvi cream is tattooed on to the tattoo itself and blends and then bonds with the ink. The body’s own natural healing powers do the rest by expelling the cream, in the form of a scab which falls off in a couple of weeks, taking the ink with it. The scab must be kept dry and cool to prevent infection and must be allowed to fall off on its own.

Rejuvi is not colour selective which is why people seek it out when they want to get rid of colourful tattoos.

The after care of Rejuvi is the key to it’s success and the key to keeping scaring to a minimum.

Rejuvi tattoo removal is often used for the removal of semi permanent makeup.